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From overcoming masturbation, womanizing, weed, drugs, alcohol to engaging in Juju, MOGmusic bares it all!

He do all!!! Yet here he stands as an impactful Gospel act. Why ignore God?

Set for the release of his highly anticipated Koinonia album, renowned Gospel A-lister, MOGmusic has in an interview on the Delay show revealed all that he dabbled in while yet a sinner & even after he got saved!

The popular Ghanaian gospel musician, Nana Yaw Boakye Yiadom, well known as MOG Music has revealed how he was introduced to masturbation at an early stage in life by an old friend.

According to him, he was introduced to masturbation by an old friend who attended a Boys’ school at the secondary level. He said that he was told by his friend that masturbation was the best way to satisfy sexual desires without necessarily meeting a woman.

In an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show, MOG Music revealed that the desire to masturbate was not that intense until he gave his life back to Christ when he got to form 2 at Adisadel College.

He stated that he confined in a spiritual leader in his school for assistance and he was directed to embark on seven-day fasting and prayers for deliverance from his addiction but all his efforts proved futile.

He also informed a man of God on his school campus and was given twenty-one days of fasting and prayers but that never stopped him from masturbation. He stated that he had regrets anytime he masturbates but he can never resist the urge when the desire comes.

MOG Music revealed that he managed to put a stop to his addiction after he confessed to God and admitted he needed His intervention to quit masturbation and the Lord intervened and delivered him from his addiction.

Furthermore, he revealed that his main aim for attending Adisadel College was to study rap music because he learnt that a lot of rappers have emerged from that institution.

He stated that he had no intentions whatsoever to study his books like every student but he wanted to venture into rap music. He revealed that he joined a group of friends who used to break bounds to go to Girls’ schools to engage them in love conversations.

However, he repented and submitted to Jesus Christ once again after one of his gang members spoke to him about Jesus Christ when they got to SHS 2 at Adisadel College.

Also, MOG Music revealed that he had met a lot of ladies during his “bad boy” days but he has good reasons for choosing Emelda above them all.

He revealed that his decision was influenced by Emelda’s love for all things and kindheartedness towards everyone she meets.

He also stated that he realized that his wife was very passionate about helping other people out with their woes and that influenced his decision to settle down with her as a wife.

MOG Music revealed that he has been married for nine good years and has been blessed with three boys.

Moreover, according to the “Elohim” hitmaker, he felt empty at some point in time in his career because he thought God has abandoned him for some reason since the desolation multiplied over time.

Speaking in an interview on the Delay Show with Deloris Frimpong Manso, MOG Music stated that his emptiness was a result of his wife losing her job at the bank and he had to restructure his life to make ends meet at home.

“When you start getting these things people think you have accomplished but there was this emptiness in me that no one knew about. Even though I was doing the work of God, I could feel that God was not with me because people that I thought were very close to me have bypassed me” he said.

He stated that he was able to overcome his suicidal thought after he joined a zoom sermon with a powerful man of God from Canada whom God used to communicate to him about the covenant He has with him which no man will be able to bring him down.

Raised in Tema Community 9, MOG Music, the first child of his parents, joined colleagues to seek spiritual assistance in their incessant quest to fight and defeat their counterparts from other communities.

This was during his final year in Junior High School. Although he was a gospel singer, he indulged in the act and had no feeling of guilt.

“There were fights between boys in various communities, we went to spiritualists who gave us rings. I was singing gospel songs at the time but I did that,” MOG Music said in his interview on The Delay Show.

Aside from being involved in the exchanges, Nana Yaw Boakye, as the musician is known in real life said, he did drugs. Not only did he become a drug addict even at a tender age; but he was also a drunkard. In most instances, he combined the drugs and alcohol.

“I joined the area gang and we became like a family. This was at the blindside of my parents,” he told host Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay).

“I met these guys after extra class hours, we go to the bush to smoke. My dad used to buy beer, so, I’d take some and head to the bush.”

Now a member of Royalhouse Chapel International, MOG Music is a contemporary gospel musician with laurels to his credit. He has won the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Male Vocal Performance on two consecutive occasions- 2020 and 2021.

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