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Ras Caleb to rectify Amakye Dede GHS 400 annual royalty

The Greater Accra Regional branch Chairman of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Ras Caleb Appiah, has promised to seek the welfare of musicians if given the nod as the new MUSIGA president in the 2019 elections.

2019 is an election year for MUSIGA and the race to replace Bice Osei Kuffour, also known as Obuor, is getting competitive.

Some notable members of the organisation have started filling for the position.

Speaking on his campaign tour in the Bono Region on Wednesday, 22 May 2019, Ras Caleb said if he is elected president of MUSIGA, musicians’ cry for royalties will be a thing of the pastas he would collaborate with GHAMRO to ensure that the deserving royalties are duly paid to musicians.

He also said once the welfare of musicians is dealt with, they will stop producing profane songs for quick cash and resort to producing timeless quality songs.

According to Ras Caleb: “Every musician has to gain from their art, from touring and copyrights, but the royalty system [in Ghana] is so bad, so, no executive producer or a record label will come to Ghana.

Go to Cote d’Ivoire, they have perfected [the royalty system], even if they play your music or show your music video on TV or even if they publish an artiste in a newspaper or magazine, they get paid for it.

In Ghana, it’s said that every six months they’ll present royalties for musicians, and a legend like Amakye Dede will receive as low as GHS200. If Amakye earns this, then how much will I gain as Ras Caleb?”

He continued: “The poor structures we have here in Ghana are sinking the music industry, it’s deep down and very low, so we the musicians are frustrated, every musician in Ghana is frustrated, that’s why most of the young artistes are not feeding us with good songs because they like quick money, so, they will sing a profane song about sex.

Because of the poor structures, there’s no inspiration. So, when I become the president of the union, I’ll put in proper structures for musicians to earn enough money to be able to serve us quality music and it’ll take them to the international market as well.”

Ras Caleb will be competing with veteran highlife singer Bessa Simons for the MUSIGA presidency.

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