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EP Review: Mood Swings by Edem

At the intersection of Afropop and dance exists a reality that is much more fun, a new melancholy much boppier, a world delightful—something like Edem’s new record Mood Swings.

The music of the new project displays behind various colorful sonic veils the remade face of Afrobeats, not completely unrecognizable, just really done up, smiling brilliantly while tears stream down its eyes: Edem presents us with a record that encourages different types of moods.

In perspective Edem’s Mood Swing is acceptance and recognition of a world that seems faster and less pleasing than ever before; a determination to view surroundings in a more soothing light is evident in each instrumental and layered hook.

Love You, the record’s opening ballad, is prime example of a gorgeous contrast of melancholic lyrics against a pounding club beat built up with classy kicks.

Love You is a compelling track which features everyday struggles of love and relationships.

Conferring Kelvyn Boy and Darkovibes the honour to give the benediction as the song transits to next song on the project.

Kpo (meaning Quietly) whose rhythm is an allegro tempo, with soft chorus complimented by hot precisions.

However, it is in the record’s arguable top song that a pause of contemplation is taken, allowing for illumination on being real: “Money” is a long and refreshing lucre chant —that which most numbers today preach.

When the beat drops in Money you can’t help but perform a money dance to.

After the money chant Efo Kodzo (Pidgin) walks on smooth storytelling jazz, through the songwriting, he also prudently admonishes wise spending when the money comes.

The choice of the production sounds in the background made the painting of vivid imagery of lessons life “when the money is gone“.

In Ghana which features the undisputed vocalist Efya is a hip hop track, where Edem takes on three predominantly languages in Ghana.

Using clever metaphors and poetic rhymes, Edem takes us to class as he translates words from these three Ghanaian languages.

His flow is impeccable as he raps swiftly and eloquently delivering each word with its meaning.

The closing title Chidi, with its explosive beat and rich bassline, is much more than a reawakening, it is a rebirth of an artist.

Walking, dreaming, again, Edem shows us that Mood Swings is a project forging a new path, presenting a better way to view things of today.

In a moment in time where anxiety and less humanity, there is still time to reexamine human emotions and how we deploy them, sadness, anger, joy is among them, and its accompanying music is among them too.

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