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Single Review: Pay Remix by M3dal feat. Kwesi Arthur, Sitso & Fameye

M3dal has released a song that could not only redefine music from 2019 onwards, – should it become a hit – but would also bring back the love for Ghanaian music.

If you haven’t listened to Pay Remix yet let me just take you back in time circa the mid-2000s when the dominant pop culture music was spearheaded by Ofori Amponsah, Castro, Appietus etc.

M3dal’s new song can be picked up and placed in that era without anyone noticing the difference in years.

Of course, credits too would have to be given to the producer of the song, Senyo Cue (who sampled Kofi Nti’s Akonta song).

To fully engineer this beat type, which was cast away by Ghanaians but fully embraced with a local flavour by the Nigerian music industry, in 2019 is no mean achievement.

Senyo Cue really brought his A-game on Pay Remix; the Ghanaian song the Ghanaian audience has been yearning for.

The song in itself talks making money about getting paid in spite of all the troubles that we go through in the society.

This is beautifully captured in a catchy chorus by new artist, Sitso with M3dal, Kwesi Arthur and Fameye laying on the rap verses on the 4-minute song.

When the beat starts you anticipate that you are in for something unique; M3dal then comes in with his lines filled with memorable phrases that could well become everyday Ghanaian street terminologies.

Already known for their infinite qualities, Kwesi Arthur and Fameye’s verses are filled with phrases from two popular Hiplife songs.

But the star of this song is Sisto.

Without that melodious and danceable chorus, this song would have just been a nearly-good song. Sisto and deserves major praises for what this song is and would achieve.

They might say it sounds local and doesn’t appeal to foreign audiences… Pfff!

As if the foreign music they do appeals to 30million+ Ghanaian audiences.

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