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Album Review: Brighter Side by Lamisi

‘Karika Tanka’ is a blend of vintages 1990’s African lore music backed by locally brewed instruments giving off melodies that will hook you on.

Reminiscent of an Angelique Kidjo piece, ‘Karika Tanka’ serves its most important purpose perfectly by getting your attention for the songs to come next.

Now, read this well, don’t be swayed into thinking that the Brighter Side album wont be filled with diverse songs like most recent Ghanaian album do because it actually is! On ‘Oh Me’, Lamisi bares it all in an emotional song whiles leaving an audible mark with her unique vocal performance. Such is her performance!!!

Six songs into the ‘Brighter Side’ album and one point is evidently visible, Lamisi has given us her all.

You might rightly argue about that with how average ‘The Way You Control’ sounds when compared to the previous songs but on ‘First Fool’, ‘Munafiki’ and ‘Zahanga(Dreams)’ Lamisi’s versatile story telling skills backed by a string of great instrumentation totally make this album the must listen to that it should be.

Finally we get to the titular track, Brighter Side, in 7th position.

‘Brighter Side’ beams with the luminesce that it carries in its name with a subtle touch of trumpets complimenting Lamisi’s voice and lyrics.

Coupled with a catchy hook and unmissable adlips, ‘Brighter Side’ perfectly deserves to be titled so. This is the song off the album that deserves the early morning treatment.

You put on replay and forget it is the same song repeating it self whiles enjoying it. It is that good!

The rhythms of the drums bellowing out sweet sounds of perfection make the 9th track, ‘Fama Me’ a standout on the album.

Vividly with 3 more songs to go, you might still be surprised that there is no glaring negative critique on one song on the album. You might be thinking if this is real, yes it is!

To put ‘Take It’, ‘Strawberry’ and ‘Kuul Ronnings’ into writing would just be a case of copy and paste of the earlier reactions to songs already listened to.

To say Lamisi has indeed given off her best with this album will be an understatement when you finally finish the whole album.

The ‘Brighter Side’ album should not only be on the shelves and playlists of people, but it should also be played on radio to prove that yes, we still can make good music effortlessly.

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