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Single Review: Call Me by Vision DJ feat. $pacely

The reference of phone calls in songs is not a new trend in the music industry.

This fascination isn’t new, Afrobeat’s music relationship with the telephone is a long and sordid affair, neither an obsolete technology nor ever evolving modes of communication has stopped the device from being a central plot point in dozens of hit songs.

If anyone was going to be recruited for this exciting R&B/Afrobeat jam, it was going to be no other than La Meme Gang singer/writer $pacely.

With previous successful production on Grind and Double Trouble, Vision DJ employed the services Kuvie on his new song.

Kuvie crafted a trap-infused beat, elevating the genre to new heights with thumping bass lines accompanied with African instruments thereby balancing the blending of new ingredients for Afrobeats.

One chemistry that makes this tune gold is the connection between $pacely and Kuvie. With $pacely’s voice dances on the mid-tempo beat singing about how “blessed” he is because he is with his lover on Kuvie’s minimalist beats.

The La Meme Gang member delivers a verse themed with a little bit of finesse, assurance when it comes to happiness and showering of his love.

Summing up half of the song is the most catchy part of the song; the chorus, where the singer praises the girl’s beauty and asks the girl to give her digits up so he calls her summing up half of the song.

The second verse is more straight forward and sensual with quoted lines such as “honey give it to me, imma give it to you” laced with a mood for days”.

In the final moments of the song, $pacely gets a little bit local in order to balance the origin of afrobeats and the experimentation of new sounds.

He assures his lover once again that she can call anytime she wants to with no worries, summing up this pulsating Afrobeat love Affair.

By: Edwin Quartey

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