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EP Review: Chapter Red by Maayaa

12 months and more after the release of her first song, Maayaa has released an EP that explores a genre that is still in it’s teething stages in the Ghanaian music industry.

On her Debut Album, Ghanaian RnB/soul singer Maayaa treats love, passion and pain not as a social transaction but a mood.

‘Chapter Red’ is a 7-track project which battles love, self-empowerment, regrets and heartbreaks.

It also defines a new era where Ghanaian local languages are fused into the RnB world, as widely heard in the second song ‘San’ which features rapper Akan.

Akan delivers a rap version of what Maayaa had been crying about on ‘Second Chance’.

On this record, Ice Geezy uses contemporary sounds to explore the positive and meaningful aspects of the singer’s silky-smooth voice.

On the third song off the 7-track project, Maayaa asks for ‘More’ from her lover, in a song which cements and elevates her writing skills with quotable lines “love makes you foolish, promise it’s worth it, maybe it’s not, I’m making sh*t up, I should just give up, but I can’t and I don’t want to”.

Words like these basically breaks down the ups and down and complications that comes with love, a huge risk and sweet poison no one can say no to, thus rounding off a well-crafted song.

On what’s arguably the best song on the project, ‘Ride’ is a mood which opens with a wedding style piano solo, succeeded by a chunky bassline amid Maayaa’s crooning.

The song is a slow-burner, night-time playlist essential; a type that can be played on a road trip or during a vacation in the tropics with your lover.

Alternative/indie artiste Worlasi produces a youthful verse which explores the lifestyle of the typical youthful Ghanaian when it comes to love, brushing all the negativity aside and exploring all the parts of love with a free will.

‘Ride’ is definitely a ride-or-die anthem.

Music has the ability to empower the listener just as much as it does the artist, and in ‘Perfect’, a mid-tempo reggae like tune, it boasts of its lyrics with self-love and holding oneself in high regard.

The song’s lyrics directly addresses women whiles advicing everyone not to settle for less. The song serves as a confidence booster.

The song can make even the timidest person feel invincible or as impenetrable as titanium.

It’s impossible to not feel galvanized by Maayaa’s impassioned words “you’re more than just a look” in the song which stands out as a self-empowering theme.

One wouldn’t be wrong to say pianists are often the unsung heroes of the music universe.

‘Ensu’, which directly means don’t cry, is a weepy piano ballade which a lover  assures her lover not to cry when she’s gone and lays down her last words in the .

This “goodbye-themed song” is the perfect way to round of a red chapter filled with happiness, sadness, self-esteem and woes.

By: Edwin Quartey

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