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Single Review: Stables by Joey B feat. La Même Gang

Single Review: Stables by Joey B feat. La Même Gang

Joey B and the La Même Gang saddles up to speed off in new single “Stables”.

The musical mixture of the Wild West and modern hip-hop is no new trend to the industry, and the hip-hop artists were in line to craft a western-themed banger.

On a fingerstyle guitar accompanied with horses neighing and a strong bass beat, Joey B announces “beezy season” during his unmissable verse on the song before passing on to Kiddblack.

Kiddblack raced off the track with a deep-voice yet simple and typical laid-back Kiddblack rap.

Darkovibes picks up the pace with a Ga/English chorus filled with a reference from Ludacris’s 2001 hit “Move B***h”, leaving you with a remarkable verse of having no “squares in his circles”.

Controversial La Même Gang member RJZ delivers catchy lines that will forever be the easy reference that every listener will point out of the song.

Kwaku Bs rides with the flow with his verse and Spacely “giddy-ups” his words on the Altra Nova beat with his unique voice capping off a western musical rodeo by Joey B and La Même Gang.

By: Edwin Quartey

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