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EP Review: Gruvie Vol.1 by Kuvie

Describing it as “flipping his signature sounds into a variety of genres and feels to create a well-arranged musical trip”, Kuvie’s Gruvie Vol.1 is a well-arranged body of work that takes you along a journey.

A wonderful musical journey that begs for a glass of palm wine from your favourite distiller to cool off the Ghanaian heat.

By pressing the play button, you get Jumanji-entrapped into the compilation with you being set free only after track 11 (What U Need feat. Tinuke) is done.

This young pioneer of a producer featured a host of artists whose vibe and melodies synced perfectly with his instrumentations.

Starting off with ‘Groovy’ feat. Kwaku Bs, Gruvie Vol.1 hooks tightly with Kwaku Bs’ passionate verses giving you a wavy feel and what to expect later.

‘Energy’ feat. B4bonah & RJZ dropped weeks ahead of Gruvie’s official release to good reception. You tend to appreciate the work done on Energy a lot more when you listen to it on Gruvie than a standalone single.

‘Too Much Love’ feat. King Promise and ‘Fire (Edzo)’ feat. Kobla Jnr, Hvlfman & Bortey are the definitions of what Gruvie Vol.1 is.

Those two songs deliver the exact groovy-fused feel that a listener would have anticipated before listening to the compilation. After which Kwaku Bs & $pacely team up to trap you with ‘Sheen’.

The Trap song, fused with Kuvie’s groove, is definitive of the direction of Gruvie. The rap tune would be a favourite among the hip-hop heads who would’ve thought that they had no place on the compilation.

Here is the tracklist for Kuvie's Gruvie feat. Joey B, King Promise & more
Here is the tracklist for Kuvie’s Gruvie Vol. 1

Now, track number 6 is the Deadpool of the whole body of work. Joey B takes you onto an intimate 3minute 32-second journey where your thoughts become the most active with imaginations.

“You dey make I wait too much, you for make I feel your touch” is just one line off ‘Do Me’ feat Joey B.

‘Popping’ feat Ödartei, Odunsi & Darkovibes has a sample of Brick and Lace’s ‘Love Is Wicked’ somewhere in there with a blend of Afro vibes from the 3 singing artists.

Finally, we get to listen to the first female featured artist. Zeporah brings her powerful voice on to ‘Euphoria’ with an ecstasy rhythm.

Can Tsoobi go wrong? The super talented young female dancehall queen owned ‘Pressure’. She turned Kuvie’s instrumentation into a masterpiece that was complimented by BuMan and Kwaku Bs.

If you think B4bonah has not thanked God enough for letting him blow, then you need to listen to ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ feat. Kwesi Arthur, B4Bonah & $pacely.

Kwesi Arthur’s versatility is bared in its full awesomeness when the 2018 VGMA Hip-hop song of the year winner rather chooses to sing on it. His hook is also finessed by $pacely’s saxophonic laid-back verse.

So catchy is the hook that Gruvie Vol.1 lingers in your ears for a while after Tinuke steals your attention on track 11.

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