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Single Review: BoiiiSam introduces himself with Mixed Feelins

You will need to get your headsets for this one because after this read up, you would be listening to BoiiSam’s ‘Mixed Feelins’ for a lengthy period.

That’s the kind of effect Mixed Feelins comes with. Refreshing modern highlife with a touch of afro rhythms, BoiiiSam has announced himself on the grand stage with a song that could stand note-for-note with songs composed by the topmost artistes.

Mixed Feelins tells of a female lover who pulls her male lover down and at same time holds him up in difficult moments. BoiiSam ping-ponged between English, pidgin, Twi and Ga with a relaxed presence that hooks you on with its fantastic melody.

The production on the song gets the tick also with the calm trumpet / flute at the end of the song making sure you double tap the repeat button.

The upcoming artist’s soothing voice laid timely on the Odeum SoundLab produced beat gives Mixed Feelins the fresh feel that 2018 needed.

At the 10th time of listening one thing was clear throughout, BoiiiSam could well be the breakout artist of 2018. Too soon? Did I have too much Friday night wine? Listen to Mixed Feelins and be the judge.

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