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Album Review: Lil Shaker and Ko-Jo Cue’s Pen & Paper

The album is journey which starts from the first song Accra – Kumasi Road.

If Accra-Kumasi Rd. ushers you into the 100% rap album then Pen & Paper pins you down to it.

The song with the album’s title is pure in rap and brings back the Ghanaian Hip-hop to music consumers. The seamless switches in Pen & Paper are flawlessly natural.

This traps you into the Trap genre Man No Dey tune. Man No Dey is heavy on instruments and should be on the playlist of any Hip-hop something.

On Uh Huh Eh Heh your desire to support the album goes up when Ko-Jo Cue says in his line that they “need the dough like a baker”. Support the artists by buying their songs.

We are not done with Uh Huh Eh Heh, surely not when Lil Shaker landed Bastie Samir like punches on some other artist.

“Nobody near me, make you no try. You no go fi copy my swag, POOF? Daabi. Debbie – Sister – Ebe picture – I dey try paint – Cause if I – Try say – I’m another way you no go bab”.

pen and paper

If these lines by Lil Shaker are not punches then I’m hungry, uh huh! The album is already fire before Lil Shaker’s former Skillion mate Ru (Rumor) comes through on Pressure.

Talking about all sorts of pressures on that tune Magnom goes higher on High Me making you forget about all the pressures in the previous song. The hook is all about motivation and where you get yours from.

Every artist goes through what Ko-Jo Cue and Shaker penned about on politics. The song featuring Kwabena Boham also hits at some of the ills in the Ghanaian music industry.

The ills mentioned will make your head ache for a while before the next tune gets you nodding your head. Me Ti Ate involuntarily gets you bumping to it.

Just Know follows after Me Ti Ate. The produced by Paq song is wait; lets backtrack to track number 8 which featured raging new rapper Kwesi Arthur.

Up & Awake is by default the best song on the whole tape. The hook, verses and the instruments; man this is it! Do not skip this song, just don’t try it.

Ko-Jo Cue, Lil Shaker, Untitled, Pen and Paper, Video Premiere
Untitled music video scene

Things We Do For Love happens to be the only love themed song on Pen & Paper with KiDi bringing a unique Highlife feel to the tune. With this song you can listen to the album with your other halves that aren’t into Hip-hop.

Untitled’s creativity is much appreciated when you watch the music video of the song. The album’s journey reaches its destination with the Cina Soul featured Hmmh.

The two rappers tell a tale of what they have had to go through on this tune made emotional by Lil Shaker’s Kevin Beats tale. That’s the album in 479 words.

Go get the Pen & Paper album to judge for yourself

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