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EP Review: Shatta Wale is on Cloud 9 with Hiphop Mixtape

When dancehall Shatta Wale came out with his pseudo dancehall hip-hop song ‘Mayaatra’, music lovers gave him the thumbs up for seamlessly weaving into the hip hop genre with as if he was a hip hop act.

The reception to that tune drove him to make an announcement that he will be releasing a hip-hop mixtape on the day he will celebrate his birthday.

Of course there had to be doubters, it’s just understandable considering the man is a dancehall act.

But even the strongest of doubters would have changed his mind a bit when the artist came out with the name to the hip-hop mixtape, Cloud 9.

Alas, Shatta Wale’s birthday came and the Cloud 9 was released as promised to a waiting fan base and curious music enthusiasts who wanted to just listen and judge for themselves if he really is good in hip-hop.

The cloud 9 Hiphop mixtape came with 6 songs;

  1. Just Make Da Money,

  2. Grow Bad,

  3. Shit Is Lit,

    Distributed Digitally by MiPROMO Media
  4. Feel So Stupid,

  5. My Frenz’ In,

  6. Never Plan For This

‘Just make the money’ starts the mixtape with the Dancehall artist rapping in Ga.

Shatta Wale takes his versatility to a new level with some catchy wordplay which is noticeable on his “One day when I become the president, Ghanaians will call me John” line in Ga. Good intro

Shatta lays the trap to get you hooked onto his mixtape with the trap hip hop ‘Grow bad’ tune. Shatta Mitchy gets in on the song when she sings a two liner hook.

Shatta Wale talks about his influence on the music scene most specifically on this.

With an artist like Shatta Wale ‘Shit is lit’ always. He raps on this song about loving the life he has built and created for himself. You can’t dispute that, he’s literally the hottest act now.

‘Feel so stupid’ comes in as the fourth song on the mixtape by being the only love themed song. Shatta Wale talks to his love in a deep emotional way. The award winning artist goes hard on ‘My Frenz’ In’ very hard

The Cloud 9 mixtape ends with the best tune on the tape, Never plan for this.

A relaxed hip hop tune which is one for the car cruisers will be appreciated by almost everyone who listens to it.

The drive time kind of song you need when you are stuck in one of Accra’s snail paced traffics. Shatta Wale has proven his versatility with this mixtape but the question is do we want more of this?

Yes, we emphatically do!

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