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EP Review: ‘Live From Nkrumah Krom EP’ – A must listen from Kwesi Arthur

EP Review: ‘Live From Nkrumah Krom EP’ – A must listen from Kwesi Arthur

In the land of Kwame Nkrumah, hiphop as genre among artists has been on the downhill for close to half a decade now.

Deep effects of the reign of the popular dance-genre Azonto has made even the hardest to the core rap artists dabble and remain with the pop genre.

However worry no more, hip-hop is not dying from any slow poison any moment from now due to the awesome works of a new generation of artists who are taking decisions not to conform to the norm but to reform the new normal.

Among them is Kwesi, Kwesi Arthur. The ears wanted more, listened and gave them what they asked for, a 6 track EP.

Aptly named “Live From Nkrumah Krom” is Kwesi’s greatest work. He did well to convince the first timers of his immense lyricism and dexterity on the each of the five tracks. On Back To The Wall, Kwesi does some singing to show the other side of him.

Kwesi is a top drawer when it comes to putting words together which he lays so cooly backed by some sax instrumentals giving ‘Back To The Wall’ the feel that it required. Overall this is a good EP from the man himself. A very great way to announce yourself, forget the mash ups, this is the real introduction.

To praise Kwesi and leave out Kayso would be a bigger injustice than the word injustice itself. The music producer had a hand on all five songs on the EP. The guy just can’t fault on any song he touches. Notable mentions goes to Dusha Billions and Jay Fyn who also had production credits on Devil Knocking and Ade Akye respectively.

‘Grind Day’ is a top song. This is hip hop, not just any hip hop but Ghana hiphop. And that is even track number 3 on Kwesi Arthur’s awesome EP released lover a month ago.

Do well to have a listen below.

  • 8.1
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