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Event Review: What did you miss at the 2017 S Concert

The 2017 s concert was a huge success for the concert organiser and the concert sponsor.

The Osu stand was filled up with portions of the VIP stand and the center line also being take by the merry concert goers. It was fun fun fun for the them as they did sing alongs to the songs that they knew and just murmured to the ones they didn’t.

On the other side if they found your stage craft and song to be weird, you the artist would be bagging a chorus of away from the crowd. They were just having fun at a heavily secured venue.

The police and military combined well to ward of any behaviour that they saw as a threat to the security of every one. The checks at the gates not only revealed metallic objects and sharp objects but also contraceptives. 9 months more then.

The sponsors Kasapreko made sure that they got enough from the concert as the only beverage and water you could buy was from their warehouses. This probably explains why the CEO of Kasapreko beamed with a smile when Shatta Wale invited him on stage.

The concert stage was one that we’ll built and fitted with super LEDs. The sound equipments used were of the highest quality to be honest.

It was so good that in one of our footages when Edem was performing ‘Egboame’, the camera used shook to the bass tempo of the song. Probably apart from the microphones that disturbed a bit there wasn’t any glitch from the equipment used including the lighting systems.

The Shatta Wale story is not news now but there were other artists before Shatta performed. Let’s skim through.

Part I

Ok so Joyce Blessing performed, well not to everyone’s standards because of the Phyno ‘Fada Fada’ rhythm she used but what wouldn’t you see in a Ghanaian church?

Even Freddy Meiway’s ‘Miss Lolo’ as been re-done so no fuss there. Gifty Osei led another gospel session with some fashionable clothes. Her trousers/ slacks or whatever looked like one that she borrowed from the popular Akan Drama actor; Ajoss.

Dobenation, Darkovibes, Obibini, Fareed, Ohemaa Dadao and many had turns on the S Concert stage to varied crowd responses.

The Lynx Entertainment new kids Kuame Eugene and KiDi would’ve been marveled when the crowd sang word for word to their ‘Angela’ and ‘Odo’ tunes. 2018 looks promising for them.

What do you expect when captain planet takes a microphone on stage? Yep its the popular ‘Obi Agye Obi Girl’. Oh who could forget the drab MC’ing from KOD and Sammy Bee. It was boring.

They were in tune with their generation during events but now they should take the back seat and allow Giovanni, Jason etc to do it. They are past it!

Eno was at the backstage when Edem was performing ‘Egboame’, ‘You Dey Craze’, ‘Heyba’ and more to the hiphop happy crowd. He got them lip singing and jumping to his songs.

When he was done Eno was still backstage. When Stonebwoy mounted the stage Eno with her dancers dressed in nun dresses were still backstage. Well Stonebwoy jammed the crowd.

His authentic live performances is still one that event goers love to see. Stonebwoy started from 2016 songs and ended with 2017 songs as he dished out hit after hit.

He even brought on Damaris for probably her first time performing on a Ghanaian stage when they did ‘One Thing’. Damaris is one fine artist for sure, fine for her vocal abilities of course.

Finally Eno had her chance to come on stage. The rap artiste who had waited on end mounted the stage with her twerking nuns. But her performance didn’t last as she she barely performed for 15 minutes. She was unceremoniously ejected off stage for Shatta Wale.

Part II

Before even Shatta mounted the stage, a whole lot went. Bullet, manager for Ebony, was furious at the backstage. Reason? His artiste was prevented from performing when her time was due.

Bullet is no pushover and he made it totally visible when he tried his physical best to prevent Shatta Wale’s team from setting up. All this while Ebony was on the staircase to the stage whiles her official DJ, DJ Shiwawa had set up.

Things weren’t looking nice as the scenes on stage called for extra security presence. Bullet then retreated with his artiste angrily never to return again.

When Shatta Wale mounted the stage you could clearly see who the crowd were there to see. He together with his militants performed to the derilous crowd who by now had increased in numbers and we’re now closer to the stage.

Shatta Wale performed almost 60 songs to the crowd. The crowd didn’t get tired neither.

In between his 2 hour performance there was a slap incident, sharing of Storm energy drink, and the CEO of Kasapreko’s speech. This was very much a Shatta Wale performance.

By this time Samini and his team had fumed backstage as to why Shatta Wale was performing for that long. They even sought audience with Bola Ray to intervene. They weren’t happy in simple terms.

Samini team felt that their artist was of international repute and as such shouldn’t be treated in such way. Well if you think of Me Eazi’s no-show too you might wonder a bit about some things said.

Mr Eazi couldn’t perform also because of the time constraints. Fancy Gadam was calm in all of this.

He patiently waited till Shatta Wale was done and mounted stage in his regalia. The crowd was dispersing by then. He was quick with his set and left the stage for Ras Kuuku to perform.

The S Concert was a success for the sponsors but the organisers would still be feeling that they could’ve done better to avert some of the things that happened.

Communication to each team would have seen then show’s reviews being centred on the super performances and not on the backstage events.

Event Review

VENUE - 6.9



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