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Event Review: Permanent memories inked at Pen and Paper concert

It was meant to be the concert to outdoor their new album but the Pen and Paper concert did more than just that.

It left you with at least one thing you would always remember from the exhilarating performances put up by each artist from the start to finish.

The responsive crowd also made the night one for the books and the super DJs too.

They were outstandingly on top of their game that night dishing out great music when the event had not started through to the exciting mini DJs battle between DJ Putin and DJ Lord.

Everything was set up well for a great night. Who would not remember the stage set up, the works by the graffiti artist and the unfailing lighting system?

The Pen and Paper concert was one of the best events put up this year.

Scheduled to start at 7pm at the Alliance Française, the program officially started at 8:30pm with DJ Putin blasting the venue with music that resonated well with the charged up audience.

Wan-O was first on stage with a mask on his face and microphone in hand performing to a vociferous welcome by the starved crowd.

With a great stage act and getting that vibe with the audience going with the audience, Kula raised the bar. He had the crowd singing some of the lines from his song ‘Don’t Do It’.

Sizz the Truth brought a 2000s feel to the concert when he sang on an old Daasebre Gyamena tune before Slim Drumz took the concert to a whole different level.

The Tadi Trap Lord was a surprise crowd pleaser when he performed 3 songs. The audience loved every bit of his session with cheers and the swarming of the space in front of the stage.

With his trademark black turtleneck, white t-shirt and denim jumpsuit Slim Drumz raised charmed in the moonless Accra night.

Anticipation was heightened for the next act that came after a 20minute+ break in the form of the first female artist, Rachelle Blue. Her ‘Thick Thighs’ top can’t be forgotten just that easily.

The clock had already hit 10pm when Ko-Jo Cue and Lil Shaker came out in their white Pen and Paper inscribed t-shirt to perform.

They two aptly chose to start with Pen and Paper as the first song. The interchanges between each artist’s movements were well rehearsed and delivered.

This was why we were here even though it started an hour and half late and it was coupled with lengthy breaks early on, the crowd had the fun they were there for.

The sponsored event was blessed with performances from artists including Darkovibes and the La Meme Gang, Kwesi Arthur, Cina Soul, Magnom, KiDi, Kuame Eugene, B4Bonah that will forever be a marker.

Event Review

VENUE - 6.7



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