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Event Review: Ghana Meets Naija 2017

Event Review: Ghana Meets Naija 2017

Readers discretion is advised!!!

So the past few days people, what’s been on the lips of people is the Ghana Meets Naija event and it’s performances. There have been a few praises and bashes but it’s all to the good of the entertainment industry, you take the positives that makes you build a better event next time.

Okay so I happen to be there on day of event, so as to witness the show to be able to give first hand account of whatever that happened on that night as to whether what the organizers promised what they were able to deliver or not. So I got there at exactly 8pm, entered the auditorium and guess what it was half empty as at the time the show was to commence.

If there is one thing Ghanaians are known for it’s lateness to events or appointments.

Let’s move the main reason for this post which is my verdict.

1. Let’s take attendance of the show which was packed with audience to the extent that there were people standing. Kudos to the Empire Entertainment and media for the effort put in place to get people turn up that much which brings me to the next point venue.

2. Accra International Conference Centre has been the venue for most of the major events to held in Ghana and this years Ghana Meets Naija was no exceptional. A big event like this needs a bigger place to hold the crowd but I guess the organizers were not having much faith in themselves whether they will get that much crowd. AICC is cool venue for events but for a show like Ghana Meets Naija a bigger space will be needed to hold it audience.

3. I am not technical inclined when it come to what goes in to produce a show. My take on the production has to do with sound and lighting. With the sound my ratings for it will be 9 over 10, why that rate because the wasn’t any hitch that held the show back, it was all good. The lighting system was great but my only problem was there was no coordination between the artistes and the light man. The spotlights came in late, that left people wandering what was happening.

4. Hmmmm, the performances of various acts of the night I can’t delve into the individual performance of every artistes but rather take it as a whole I had issues with the performance. It’s high time we change the face of how things are done at shows when it comes to stage craft. We have seen enough of the lip sync from the original act whom the songs belong to.

It’s high time the Ghanaian acts begin rehearsals and make sure they know every song of theirs. We have reach the era of which we need composers with the artistes to produce something real. ‘Mu Nsesa Mu Kakra’; meaning we have had enough we want something new next time because it will get to a time you will be preforming to chairs and empty auditoriums.

Still on the performance artistes must engage their fans, have fun with them instead. My rating on the performance was ok because there was nothing extraordinary.

This is my verdict.

  • Performance
  • Attendance
  • Venue
  • Production
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