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Video Review: Overdose by E.L

VONation headline artist E.L released the music video to Overdose, dropped earlier in the year, via YouTube on Monday.

The Trebla & Wowa directed music video was shot in the English capital, London with some good story arcs and ravishing screen models.

The output at the end of the day was a music video that drives you to listen to the song word-for-word at the same time captivating you with the visuals being served.

Nothing smacks you harder than the E.L silhouette given off by the single spotlight at the beginning of the video. These ushers you into 4minutes of good creative imagery by Trebla & Wowa.

The overall lighting for every scene for the video was 100% with the beautiful sugary models used giving the music video a sweet taste if your sweet tooth is still rooted.

One captivating scene was the dream sequence at the restaurant/eatery, the seamless transition into that scene without confusing the viewer deserves the thumbs up.

Video Review: Overdose by E.L
Yaa Pono Chinchila Fur Coat vs E.L Trench Coat

Oh no, don’t get it wrong, the video won’t get the 10/10 you might think it deserves. It had its own flaw including the street scene with E.L wearing a beanie.

That look, with a white-framed glasses, was totalling eye hurting and one the fashion heads would/should/could critique.

And that fur overcoat or jacket scene brought back memories of other major scenes in Yaa Pono’s ‘Fake’ music video.

To end it all, the colour grading, the beautiful models (once again), the lip sync all make this video a good promotional visual for Overdose.

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