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Stephanie Benson talks fidelity amidst receiving a lot of unsolicited manhood pictures on social media

Widely known for her sultry vocals and unfiltered commentary on relationship issues, Stephanie Benson has said men from all over the world send her unsolicited pictures of their private parts.

Ms Benson revealed this to Nana Romeo on the Entertainment Capital show, Saturday, February 25, 2023. Affectionately called the Queen of Jazz, she expressed belief that these unnamed men seek to tempt her to cheat on her husband, Jonathan.

“For the first time in my life, I’ve seen many penises,” she said. “I swear on everything. They want me to watch [and] fall under its charm,” she added.

She stressed that as she has always said, she is not promiscuous and “I don’t have a boyfriend. It’s always been my husband. So the guys, when they show me those pictures, it’s like, when I watch I’ll cheat on my husband with them.”

Stephanie stated that some of the images sent to her are frightening and range from small to huge. “Sometimes, I faint. I rise and then watch again,” she added. “I’ve not seen this much penises ever in my life.”

“Maybe this is why I look younger [than my age],” she noted, admonishing the men to desist from sending her more of those pictures. Romeo wondered about the means via which the said pictures are sent.

“DM [Direct Mail on social media],” she said, lifting her voice. “Instagram DM and Facebook [inbox].” Ms Benson further revealed that these men who send her nude photos come from all over the world.

“It includes White men,” she said. “Indians [also], Italians, you name it. Every type of penis in this world. It includes Dubai – the UK ones are not many – American men, Ghanaians. You can really see the difference [from the pictures. When you see a Ghanaian’s you can see.”

She was further asked from the pictures if there is a particular country whose men are impressively endowed.

She quickly responded with: “That of Ghanaian men. When you see it, it’s as if it’s angry. It’s as if the penis is angry. The veins really pop out… It’s too much. It’s scary.”

“The Italians’ kind of look very sexy. You see the veins but not too big,” she laughed. On June 17, 2022, Mrs Stephanie Benson marked 33 years of marriage to her English husband Jonathan.

“It’s my 33rd Anniversary today [dance emojis],” she noted in an Instagram (IG) post. “Most say he’s a lucky man, and I say he’s the reason my luck began. It’s my job to put a smile on his face, and it’s his job to make me feel safe in his embrace.

Marriage is trusting in yours and God’s decision to commit to only one, forever. I have loved him for 34 years and will continue for 34 more [heart emoji],” she added.

Jonathan and Stephanie have two sons and three daughters. Her first single, ‘Now is the Time’, made it to the top 20 list on UK dance charts. Stevie Wonder is one of the many international stars Stephanie Benson has worked with.

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