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I am back – says Enock Agyin Afram

Enock Agyin Afram, artiste manager who went on a break to work on private projects and also study the trend of the local music industry says he regrets leaving the music industry for some time now.

“I regret leaving the music industry but I am back to do serious music business”.

As one of the artiste managers in the country who pride themselves in dynamism, Enock, who is currently working with a number of upcoming acts and also promoting Ghana’s tourism industry through music says he is comfortable with change, adding his love for music always develops talent in the youth.

He hinted that as an artiste manager it is his duty to help promote Ghana music and culture to the outside world, adding “I am ready to promote Ghanaian music also on the international music scene”.

In an interview, Enock Agyin Afram, who believes that working together with the hospitality industry is a major way of marketing and selling Ghanaian music and culture, declared that if Ghanaian music was played at the hotels in the country it would help in the promotion of Ghana’s rich creative industry to the outside world.

He however, appealed to the leadership Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to strike a deal with hotels in Ghana to use their facilities to promote Ghanaian highlife music.

“I will plead with MUSIGA to strike deals with the hotels. When one travels to East Africa and South Africa, they perform their local music in all the big hotels.”

He underscored the need for attitudinal change toward the promotion of Ghanaian music on the world music market.

He called on all to rally behind the need to make music an attractive business and disabuse people’s minds that it is the preserve of school dropouts.

And that when music is made attractive, it will help change the narrative that it is only for those whose parents could not afford to further their education due to lack of funds.

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