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All you need to know about the Cabum – Strongman beef & role Abeiku Santana played in it!

It's a truly a 'beefing' SZN!

Following a diss song titled, ‘Fvck Strongman,’ hurled at ace rapper Strongman Burner by Cabum, the former has replied his colleague who is in search of a ‘beef’.

Cabum, in his song, dared Strongman to respond to him if he so believes in his prowess. He described Strongman as a traitor, nonentity, imposter and a ‘weak’ rapper who is the direct opposite of his name.

Referencing Strongman’s previous beef with Medikal, Cabum asserted that Medikal’s punches were feeble, a reason Strongman felt like a victor after the battle. He said Strongman had since the episode developed a false sense of importance.

“I wan kill am. Lyrically, physically, spiritually, oh yeah,” Cabum who punctuated his verses with wordplay, metaphors, homophones and insults rapped.

“Stop acting like a big boy because you no bi rich. And you and I know say rapping you no reach.”

In a response on his verified Facebook timeline, Strongman Burner wrote, “Not every action demands response, some need pictures.”

It is unclear what triggered the diss song but Cabum makes reference to Strongman’s statement in which the latter dared whoever is not scared of him to mention his name in their diss songs and face his wrath.

Meanwhile, a video of Cabum and broadcaster, Abeiku Santana has been in circulation. In the said video, Cabum mentioned that he would not diss Strongman but will not hesitate to hit back should Strongman diss him.

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