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Obed Antwi Amankwah to support musicians

After producing beats for a number of Ghanaian musicians, sound engineer, Obed Antwi Amankwah feels it is time to bring his beats to the doorstep of musicians who cannot afford his services.

By doing that, the sound engineer will soon announce a special prize package to support musicians who want to record in his studios, but cannot afford the cost involved.

In addition to the special prize package, Amankwah mentioned that he will also engage experts to train the musicians and equip them with vital knowledge of music production.

According to him, he would use his creativity to raise the standard of Ghanaian music to enable it to compete with those on the global market.

Obed Antwi Amankwah, a graduate of the University of Professional Studies, has also decided to give his full attention to the music business, where he hopes to leave a lasting legacy.

When asked about what he thinks about Ghanaian music and why it is not getting the international recognition it should, he said most of the songs Ghanaian artists produce lack good content, adding, “Our sound quality and contents are below standard.”

He hinted that accusing fingers should be pointed at sound engineers and producers who have failed to raise quality artists that the country can be proud of.

He mentioned that music is about being creative and during the early days of hiplife, they allowed themselves to be groomed and educated by professionals to churn out quality music.

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