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Why most Ghanaian music groups split! Praye Tintin & Coded 4×4 share experiences

Why the rise and fall? Find out in this piece!

This year, the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards scrapped out the Group of the year category from its award scheme because there just weren’t sufficient active groups within the year in review.

What is the actual issue with Ghanaian music groups that see their rise and fall after many hyears of making a name for themselves?

Well, we take you on a sneak peek into the lives of two former group members, Praye TinTin of Praye fame and Coded of 4X4 fame and their reasons for splitting up from their once thriving groups.

Singer and rapper, Coded of 4×4 fame has disclosed that his former team member Captain Planet has still blocked him, preventing him (Coded) from reaching out to him (Captain Planet).

According to Coded4x4, his former partner’s reason for blocking him is best known to him. Coded said this on “Time with The Stars” on Accra-based CTV on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

“He has still blocked me and I’ve not reached out to him because that is his personal decision, but his wife has not blocked me and we still follow each other,” Coded said.

The group 4×4 made up of Coded, Captain Planet and Fresh Prince fell apart because Captain Planet and Fresh Prince each wanted to go solo and be on their own, Coded 4×4 once said in an interview.

The group 4×4 had several hit songs like Yesi yesii, Mokoni, Waist & Power, World Trade Center among others.

Coded4x4 who is now out with a single titled ‘Dada Damoase’ also debunked reports that he was charged $20,000 by socialite Afia Schwarzenegger to promote the song.

Explaining why he reached out to Afia, he said “the conversation was for her to know that I had used a statement that come from her to make a song”.

“Dada Damoase came from her. Out of respect, I placed a call to my senior brother Fred Nuamah to get in touch with her for me. So yes. I called her and that was the conversation,” Coded explained.

On the other hand, Praye Tintin of the defunct music group Praye has disclosed that many fans believed that he caused the group’s break up due to his outlook, but the other members pushed me aside.

Speaking on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Praye Tintin mentioned that his group members deserted him in the beginning, but many of their fans thought that he was to blame for their break-up.

”People think Tintin is the overbearing one, and I was the ‘confusion man’ who caused the break, but you don’t know me. They don’t know that I’m the humble one.”

“Our craft demands that I became hyper when performing. Some see me as a stubborn guy, and they are surprised when they meet me,” he said on Daily Hustle Worldwide.

Moreover, the rapper mentioned that after the group’s break-up, he did not see himself as a relevant member until Eugene and Big J decided to revive the group.

”I would say that in the beginning, I was pushed aside, and I didn’t think my absence would affect the group much. But they realized that the group was missing something, and they had to bring me back.”

According to Praye Tintin, the group’s separation helped them improve themselves because they had distinct roles, but they had to learn to do other things after the split up.

Could this trend ever end? Could we have a current group come up, stay relevant and sustain the bond for over a decade like Osibisa, R2Bees, Keche and the likes?

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