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Promzy fires stray bullet at Reggie Rockstone with recent post on the origins of Hiplife; Reggie reacts!

Should they take us back in they day with an OGEE beef?

Once a founding member of the legendary music trio, Vision In Progress (VIP), Promzy has come at Reggie Rockstone for disintegrating what he and other members of the group built years ago.

The rapper who used to be the poster boy of the evergreen group as he was the most vociferous and vocal shared a throwback photo of the group involving the founding fathers of the group when it was founded back in 1995.

He said the members of the group as seen in the photo are the true orginators of Hiplife and not an opportunist like Rockstone who was quickly recruited by Lazzy and Prodigal to replace him when he left VIP acrimoniously after which the group was renamed VVIP.

In a Facebook post, Promzy said; “This guys here were the original originators of hiplife before whoever or whomever came from no where claiming that title in a form of greed and selfishness. We ruled and controlled the streets.

VIP was more like a religion. We were the stage movers and the crowd shakers all over Africa and the world. We been famous before social media. Our time, everything was organic, no easy way out, no handouts, everything was hard work.

This new indomie generation need to go read and do more research on the real pace setters. (VIP vision in progress not some Fuck up vvip bullshit loaded with some opportunists).

This was taken in 1998 even though the movement started in 1995, How old were you by then? Know the difference…LEGENDS”.

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