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SAJ finally drops ‘Konkonsa’ new single based on true life experiences!

Prince Solomon Ajao, better known as SAJ SONGS, is an artiste on a journey to share his culture and perspectives with the rest of the world. SAJ is thrilled to announce his latest single, ‘Konkonsa,’ which will be released on November 26, 2021.

True-life experiences inspire the song, and he is eager for his fans to hear his work. 

Warm, bright instruments pave the way for SAJ’s rocky but soothing vocals. An upbeat rhythm carries the song that would resonate with Ghanaians and many people worldwide who are fascinated with the African region’s music.

Well-placed kicks, snares, an excellent baseline, and incredible guitar phrases make for a great delivery of SAJ’s timeless message.

Music is not just about what you hear, but how it makes you feel, think and act. SAJ puts thought into his message and its relevance, and it’s what sets him apart. Interestingly, he writes his songs in Twi, Ga, Yoruba, and English.

Don’t let the friendliness of the melodies fool you; ‘Konkonsa’ was inspired by the harmful effects that rumors can have on people’s lives. ‘Konkonsa’ is a Ghanian word that means gossiping or snitching.

Gossiping keeps you from your purpose, and when people spread false rumors about you, it can stop you from being successful, so it is harmful both to the spreader of rumors and the subject of them.

SAJ encourages his listeners to use their voices to positively impact and give encouraging words to others instead of making harsh judgments. 

SAJ is not only known for his inspirational sound but also his extraordinary dance moves. He has appeared in movies, reality shows, and tv shows such as ‘Dreamville.’ It’s hard to believe all this started from his time singing at church and school competitions.

He began writing songs at the tender age of 12, traveling back and forth from Ghana to Nigeria because of schooling and his parent’s missionary works. He was even a part of the ‘BORN STAR COMPETITION’ on ViaSat TV. 

SAJ’s latest song, ‘Konkonsa,’ was produced by Beat Masta and is from his upcoming album in 2022. His first album, Black Hope EP, was released in 2020. 

SAJ’s music crosses many genres, namely, Afrobeats, Reggae, and Hip Hop. He has lots of new music on the way to dissolve the divide for people who find it challenging to communicate their pain.

SAJ hopes to earn a nomination in the upcoming Ghana Music Awards.

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