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Is Kofi Kinaata referring to Funny Face in this timely advice on the effects of bitterness?

Either way, these are some wise words profitable to them that will listen

Known to be an unmatched songwriter, Kofi Kinaata has just dropped some wise words of advice concerning what Bitterness can do to anyone who finds himself at rock bottom in life.

The singer-songwriter has warned us to be careful of the monster called bitterness when we are at the bottom because it will make us jealous thinking others are the reason we didn’t made it just like Funny Face recently did to some renowned personalities.

The actor and comedian slumped into new bouts of depression while showing glimpses of a declining state of mind by attacking the three most influential people in his life namely Bola Ray, Fadda Dickson, and his long-term benefactor Emmanuel Adebayor.

On dissing the Togolese international and former African Footballer of the Year, Funny Face blurted out: “Adebayor, for unfollowing me, F**k you. A friend stick to a friend no matter what. You spoke to me and I didn’t hear so what? Nigga, f**k you”, Funny Face fired.

He then turned his attention to the CEO of EIB Network, Bola Ray for terminating his contract at Kasapa FM despite all his sacrifices. He then launched a scathing attack on Fadda Dickson for siding with his baby mama Vanessa instead of listening to his side of the story when he recently had an accident.

In a separate video, Funny Face revealed how actor James Gardiner slept with his baby mama Vanessa and recorded it without her knowledge, the video of which he claimed Gardiner circulated amongst his friends. He also revealed how Bismark the Joke used to sleep with his potential wife and laughed behind him.

In a fresh interview shortly after the police arrested him, Funny Face begged Ghanaians for forgiveness and said he would never chart this path of destruction and nuisance ever again.

Kofi Kinaata in his wise counsel decided to throw lights on what the monster called bitterness can make you do and for that reason has warned us all to be careful of that monster when we are at the bottom.

According to him, the monster called bitterness will make you jealous of every single thing and even make you think that other people are the reason why you haven’t made it in life when that’s not the case.

Bitterness can make you do a lot of things based on anger and jealousy but regret it all one day and to prevent that Kofi Kinaata has counsel us to be careful of the monster called bitterness when you are at the bottom since it’s the cause of all the confusion among us.

Bitterness has a lot of branches and one of then is jealousy and that makes you blame others for your unproductivity making you think you alone deserves all the good things in the world or some people are the reason for your failure.

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