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Fan commends Magnus for ‘Bo Me Nantew’

Magnus, a powerful Ghanaian gospel vocalist, has been praised for his works when he appeared on a live TV interview.

In an exclusive interview with Kojo Preko Dankwa on CTV’s the Showbiz Show, he discussed the importance of SSNIT, branding, and presenting yourself well in the music industry.

A fan who was watching MAGNUS on live television sent out the message below.

The gentleman is a wonderful person. I’ve heard the song played on the most powerful radio stations. The song is popular, and it is what I use for my morning devotion. MAGNUS, well done. Everything you’ve said, as well as your song, will become my morning devotional “.

Watch the full interview :

Enjoy ‘Bo Me Nantew” here:

MAGNUS is on Facebook as Michael Magnus Mensah and Instagram/Twitter as @MagnusMuzic_.

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