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Sarkodie addresses issue of snubbing Edem; shares rap secret

He reveals how drooling from Kwaw Kese among others made him unique

Currently on a Ghana Media tour following the release of his highly ironic No Pressure album, Sarkodie has apologized to Edem & named rappers that inspired his style.

Sarkodie has finally rendered a sincere apology to the rapper, Ayigbe Edem for missing out on his music video shoot some months ago.

Recall, Ayigbe Edem expressed his displeasure in how Sarkodie ghosted him after all his efforts to reach out to him to remind him about the music video shooting.

Taking to his Twitter, Edem penned down some words for his peer, Sarkodie, over the latter’s inability to feature in the video for his new single, ‘Favour’.

He wrote; “Yo, Sarkodie, I know you feel bad for bad for not showing up for ‘Favour’ video. Team even lose money for that but I forgive you my G. No hard feelings. Call me when you need me, I go dey for you.”

Speaking in an interview on Zylofon FM with Sammy Flex on the Showbiz Agenda, Sarkodie revealed that he cannot vividly recall what prevented him from showing up at the music video shoot.

According to him, he has placed notifications of some of his schedules for each day and might have probably missed out on Edem’s video shoot, however, it was not intentional.

Sarkodie has rendered a sincere apology to Edem for not showing up for the shoot, that is if he is still offended.

Furthermore, he has revealed that he got his inspirations from his predecessors in the rap game to shape his skills.

According to the rapper, he derived his inspirations from the likes of Obour, Okomfour Kwaadee, Obrafour, and the “Mad Time” King, Kwaw Kese.

He made this revelation in the studios of Zylofon FM during an interview with Sammy Flex on the Showbiz Agenda when an underground rapper who sounded exactly like him came into the studio to pay his homage to the rap king.

Sarkodie revealed that he is not surprised that the underground rapper who goes by the name Jay Zion took inspiration from him because he equally did the same when he was coming up.

Sarkodie revealed that he had to master the ways of some of the above-mentioned ace rappers especially that of Kwaw Kese because he wanted to deliver his lines just like him.

He further stated that he took what Kwaw Kese would say in Fanti and interpreted it in his language, Twi but followed the same rhythm to become who he is today.

As a reminder, Sarkodie happens to be one of the best rappers in Ghana and Africa at large. His talent, impact, and brand cannot be compared to that of any rapper in the scene which crowns him as the King of rap music in Ghana.

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