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Reggie Rockstone lectures on the addictiveness of the hard drug called fame!

Want to be famous? Pull the brakes and read this before!

The Grandpapa of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone has opened up on the drug called fame which has made a lot of celebrities get addicted over the years.

Categorizing fame as an abusive and deadly drug, the hip-life grandpapa disclosed that the negative effects of fame can be as disastrous as the effects of cocaine, heroin, and the likes.

Discussing the topic; “The psychological effect of fame” with TV3’s Cookietee, the hiplife musician said celebrities often develop a kind of character-splitting between the “celebrity self” and the “authentic self,” as a survival technique.

“I want to talk about this drug and tell you how deadly it is. I’m blessed not to be a part of people that have abused this drug but let me tell you how it works. I’m talking about a drug called fame.

That is the name of the drug that I speak about. Very deadly. I have seen what fame does to a lot of people as compared to crack, cocaine, and the rest. Fame will have you do all kinds of things.

Just like drugs, when someone is an addict, there are people who enable this. But in this place, it’s the fans,” he said.

“We enable folks, we hear them on TV, radio, and the likes, we see them steadily declining and misbehaving but we still give them that buzz. We tell them how dope they are regardless of whatever they are exhibiting. We aid their addiction to grow. I know about this drug because I’m kind of famous,” he added.

He further stated that the desire for fame often lures many people who don’t take into consideration the ugly side and the responsibility that comes with it.

According to Reggie Rockstone, the desire for fame becomes one of the greatest human weaknesses on earth.

“People will do everything possible to trend. The peer pressure on social media is ridiculous. The drug has become legal such that half of the world are using it. Fame gives you a false sense of reality. It makes you feel like you are different from other humans. Because of the preferential treatment given to these celebrities,” he established.

“The most harmful part is when you wake up one day and the people who made you famous turn their backs against you just like drug dealers do,” he added.

It has been the case that several individuals have bemoaned the rise and fall of prominent personalities due to how they allegedly manhandled the fame.

Short-lived fame among some internet sensations or socialites in recent times has also been an issue of major concern.

The likes of Supa, Rashida black beauty, Two-toozin, Shatta Bundle, and many others have had their fair share of short-lived fame.

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