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The emphasis is on ‘More’ popular – Joey B, Zionfelix, Kojo Cue, others support Yaw Tog’s comment on Stormzy

Yaw Tog claims they both did magic to their brands! What do you think?

Yaw Tog has once again stepped on the last nerve of netizens after stating in an interview with MzGee that he made UK’s iconic rapper, Stormzy, more popular in Ghana among other statements.

Prior to this, he revealed that he would spend a year after senior high focused solely on his music career before going back to school. He also revealed that he would not be attending any university in Ghana.

Speaking with Mz Gee on NewDay, Yaw Tog said, “I will go to the international one.” Upon further probing on which ones he considers as international universities, he responded, “Oh, you know already. Not Ghana here.”

Currently, Yaw Tog is preparing to write his final exams at the Secondary level (WASSCE). He spoke about how he manages to handle his fame and studies at school. Yaw Tog revealed that previously he allowed his classmates to take pictures and videos of him.

But that became quite stifling, so he has put a stop to that. “One day I was eating, and someone took a picture of me. Then I went to the person, took the phone and deleted it. And I was like, why bro? So can’t I eat? And I told him bro let me delete this picture because when it drops. I am dead”, he continued.

Yaw also mentioned that he does not care about haters because he is focused on making money. According to him, it’s all about making bread for his mom. Yaw Tog also revealed a music video for his single, ‘Fake Ex’.

The young Kumerica rapper has come under heat for his comments on his collaboration with Stormzy. And for giving a shout out to his haters on the VGMA stage.

According to Yaw Tog, Stormzy made him more popular on the International market but he also made him more popular on the Ghanaian market.

His comment did not really sound well to some social media users and some of his fans as they roast the young rapper by tagging him as ungrateful and arrogant.

Sammy Forson for instance took to his Twitter and wrote; Yaw Tog’s comments about making Stomzy popular in GH are the kind that unfortunately encourage selfish behavior in the industry.. If u know what it takes to be a mainstream artist in the UK and play listed into other parts of europe, u won’t loose talk.. Smh.. Focus on ur music

Well, some others have also jumped to his defense by saying that there is nothing wrong with the statement he made during the interview because his claim is true.

Kojo Cue also reacted to his tweet by saying that there is nothing wrong with Yaw Tog saying that he made Stormzy more popular in Ghana.

Bra Sammy, kid said nothing wrong. He said ‘More Popular in Ghana’ which is facts. I was at the Video shoot, everywhere we went to people mobbed Kwesi & Tog, and were discussing Stormzy as “oh y3 se ofiri UK na oy3 big paa”. It takes nothing away from Big Mike, he wrote.

However, Joey B, Zionfelix and other social media users also jumped to his defense after carefully analyzing the interview and the statement the rapper passed.

See screenshots below:

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