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Patapaa would soon be a father, expect more sensible songs like his latest ‘Sika Wo Borlar So’ single – Manager

This must be a dream! Patapaa on some deep advisory drill tune?

Patapaa’s manager has opened up about the inspiration behind his latest song, Sika Wo Borlar So, translated as ‘There’s Money on a Refuse Dump’, which features Kumerica’s King Paluta & YPee.

We would never know what this viral hitmaking act is up to, until you emerge your faculties in this banger and that’s why we got interrogative in this interview with his manager.

Known to be a man with many hats, Patapaa Amisty has just pulled out a drill trick for his teeming fans which hosts Kumerica’s finest rap lords, Ypee & the ever aggressive emcee, King Paluta on this joint.

Speaking to Ghanamusic.com, Patapaa’s manager explained, “Due to the many complaints about the style of comic or senseless songs Patapaa is known for, he has now released this song to let everyone know how versatile he is at entertaining and advising you through his songs.

‘Sika Wo Borla So’ is a very deep song with about 4 meanings. It draws our attention to the fact that there is money everywhere around us especially in the most disregarded places.

It tells a tale of how the most disrespected jobs, per social classifications, are currently the ones with higher earnings than the respectable white collar office jobs that everyone wants to do.

It also reveals that at times, you can literally find very valuable items at a refuse dump, as one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Most second hand items we scramble over in this part of our world are mostly things dumped in the refuse of the Whiteman”.

Moving on to other matters, he revealed that Patapaa has truly impregnated his wife and they were expectant of a child that wouldn’t be born and raised here in Ghana although he would try his best to teach the unborn child about his Ghanaian culture.

On the choice of artistes featured on this tune, Patapaa’s manager further revealed that Paluta and YPee are two of the most sought after voices in the fast rising Ghanaian drill scene emanating from Kumasi and they had the in-depth lyrics to aptly convey the message of the song.

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