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My fashion sense is a gift from God – Empress Gifty

She further revealed that psychology of cyberbullying. Click to read more

Known for her energetic ministrations and extreme fashion sense, ‘Odi Yompo’ crooner Empress Gifty has revealed what inspires her sense of fashion & unmasked the reason behind cyberbullying.

Narrating what motivates her to dress the way she does, Empress Gifty said on the Kastle Drive show in Cape Coast that she was into dressmaking before she ventured into the music industry.

“Personally I was into sewing, dressmaking and I opened my shop and had several apprentices,” she revealed.

She remarked “When I entered the gospel music industry I stopped sewing to fully concentrate on the singing ministry.”

“So when we talk about how to blend colours, what to wear and where I’m going and the kind of people I’m going to meet I think about all these before I can choose a dress and colours to wear. It is a gift from God,” she told the host.

Empress Gifty who is married to Ghanaian politician, Hopeson Adorye recently boldly established that cheating is part of marriage, hence couples must be able to cope with it when it happens.

She further revealed during the interview with Amansan Krakye that those who often use offensive and insulting words on social media are mostly bitter with their lives.

Empress Gifty made these comments about social media bullying when she was asked her opinion about those who often use offensive language whilst speaking on Cape Coast-based Kastle FM.

She answered “Sometimes I always tell myself that those who mostly use offensive and insulting words on social media, most of them are depressed.

“Some of them are not up to your level and some of them come to comment under your post because of jealousy,” Empress Gifty added.

“Some are full of hatred and their lives are so bitter to the extent that even what most people will see as beautiful they see it otherwise,” she said on Kastle Drive.

Empress Gifty who is formerly known as Gifty Osei revealed that she doesn’t get bothered about social media bullying especially when those who do it have a deliberate agenda.

“So for me when I see people like that I just want to get closer to them and I want to know why they are doing that. Those that I see that they’re doing it deliberately I don’t worry myself about them,” she ended.

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