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Survive – Rosel Pomaney’s song for us to unite in love during tough times

Singer Rosel Pomaney has released Survive, a song that captures humanity’s resolve, love, and sheer belief in going through tough moments unscathed.

Survive encourages everyone to remain united in love for it is only then we can create a better world and carry on during difficult periods including the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently faced with.

Reflecting on the production of Survive, Rosel Pomaney said the creation of the song in itself was an experience.

Rosel stated: “I wrote the song during the time COVID-19 hit, which also came with a lot of unknowns and also how everyone I contacted gave their all to support the project.

I recorded my vocals on only loops(which were made by Dyllan) before Moshe played the piano to it. The song completely changed!” she continued.

Watch the music video for Survive on YouTube

It has been over a year since the human race was faced with the prospect of a total wipeout due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lockdowns, to cease the spread of the virus. became a norm across all countries including the 30 million+ populated Ghana.

Livelihoods were threatened, social systems broke down, anxiety and paranoia had their various effects on people during these lockdowns. Some, sadly, have never recovered from these.

But it was also all these that gave birth to Survive; a reminder that anything is possible when humans come together in love.

The theme of the song is also perfectly captured in the make-up of it by featuring 6 other artists from 6 different countries (i.e., Cameroon, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Mongolia & the USA) aside from Rosel herself.

Survive is available for streaming and download on all music stores via https://ditto.fm/survive-rosel-pomaney-featuring-moshe-elmakiasyuji-nakagawaandreas-bernittdavid-robairedyllann-hulgo.

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