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Aurelia Dey spreads message of hope with Rising

The Afrobeats and dancehall artist Aurelia Dey has released new single “Rising” with Rudeboy Records as the second single on her upcoming album “Sunday Service”.

Through a power ballad with a positive message Aurelia aims to spread hope to people who are struggling and feel excluded.’

Hopefully the listeners can feel strengthened by this song. Sometimes when you struggle through life it’s also important to try and step out of your comfort zone, see the bigger picture and realize what time really is capable of, she says.

Through dance, music, acting and dialog Aurelia Dey is constantly finding new ways of expression.

She brings her pro-black and equality message along with her entertainment and speaks openly about her mental health connected to her afrophobic experience as being both Ghanaian and Swedish.

“Rising” is written by Aurelia Dey herself and produced together with Partillo productions (Kapten Röd, Syster Sol, Etzia, General Knas etc.).

The song was written in the Summer of 2019 when Aurelia Dey visited her parents in their home country Ghana. In that period of time she felt her life took a positive turn.

I had gone through some emotional obstacles. Both in my career and in my relationships. It felt like I was trying to climb up a ladder but fell down over and over again, she says and continues:

But with time I bought my apartment in Ghana. I also landed my first acting job at The National Black Theatre of Sweden. A longtime dream came true, something that inspired me. As a way to lift and visualize the positive emotions inside of me I wrote the song “Rising”.

Aurelia Dey describes “Rising” as a crisis anthem and a power message. The song is a dancehall ballad with influences from soul and gospel. The message is about pushing forward despite the setbacks you sometimes experience.

If you create a distance to the problem and realize it’s temporary you can create power for change. Time is a force in itself and it’s important to believe in it. With time you can collect strength, gain new perspectives and get through the crisis, Aurelia says.

The upcoming album “Sunday Service” is planned to release in 2021. In the summer of 2020 Aurelia Dey released the first single “Powerbank” which was noticed in several media platforms in Sweden. For example SVT:s PSL, Göteborgs-Posten, P4 Göteborg and Hymn.

I have a thing for grandiose music mixed with slow tempo dancehall and afrobeats music. And that’s what “Rising” sounds like to me.

In the future the listeners will hear that kind of music a lot more from me because it’s the soundscape where I think I enjoy and sound the best, says Aurelia Dey.

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