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All our songs had messages in them back in the day, now it’s just about the beat – Klala

Remember Klala? He's back from a long hiatus!

Known for his smashing hit single ‘Nye He Ye Feo’ released over a decade ago, Daniel Neequaye Kotey popularly known by his stage name Klala mentioned in an interview that the music of today has no messages.

As stated by the singer, “if you compare our old songs to the songs they do these days, there is a vast difference between the two. In terms of the messages, they all carry.

“The songs of Amakye Dede and Amandzeba are still trending today because they carried a lot of messages. Twenty years ago but it still trending”, he said.

Discussing on e.TV Ghana with Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show, he said that back in the day, they used to put much work into their songs.

“They write music with style, purpose, and culture. All the songs had messages in them”…he said.

He furthered that, in today’s songs, the only thing they focus on is the beat and that is because people want to dance.

“When you are meditating, you don’t need a dancing song but rather a song to ginger you, to lift your spirit up”, he said.

According to the singer, those songs were like motivational books. But songs of today have nothing to talk about.

Klala is known for songs such as, ‘Abroad and Ataa Kwei’.

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