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GuruNKZ goes haywire on Hitz FM’s Andy Dosty, Don, Mercury & Avio for siding with Kuami Eugene

The beast you are creating go come after you soon!!! - Guru threatens

NKZ Music head honcho, Guru has called out some top presenters at the Accra based Hitz FM for supporting Kumai Eugene over him self in their ongoing beef.

The ‘Lapaz Toyota’ hit maker lighted up social media and the Ghanaian media last Friday when he released his song titled ‘Who Born Dog’ which is actually a diss song to Highlife singer Kuami Eugene.

Guru said he can’t be explaining himself again and again whiles the likes of Andy Dosty, Don, Mercury Quaye and Avio has already made up their minds to support Kuami Eugene in this their ongoing beef.

He further insinuated that the ‘beast’, probably referring to Kuami Eugene, that they were creating would soon turn around to hunt them down soon when he reaches the apex of his career and has no respect for anyone including them.

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