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Starboy used me as a househelp; even getting money to feed was challenging – Kim Maureen

She has rebutted all that Ebony father's said concerning her irrelevance

Coming on the back of the late Ebony’s 3-year departure into the afterlife, Kim Maureen, signed by Ebony’s father, Starboy Kwarteng unto his Bony To The World Record Label, has made some damming accusations against the label owner.

A few days ago, Starboy Kwarteng disclosed that the lady he signed onto Bony To The World Record Label is so lazy that she has not been able to meet her part of their deal.

According to him, Kim Maureen is not as hard working as she made him believe although he has done good for her. He added that, she is still signed onto the label but can really not speak at length about their current situation.

She says the man is using her as a househelp basically.

“Everything Starboy Kwarteng said about me was false. I have recorded about four songs. I approached Starboy Kwarteng to ask when we could have songs released but he didn’t give me any approval.

“Starboy Kwarteng told me Ashaiman is very far and dirty. As an artist, I am not supposed to live there. Therefore, I have to come and stay at his house. That is what he told me.

“I take care of Mr. Kwarteng’s house. All that wasn’t stated in the contract. I was living in his grandson’s room. Although I had a room I rented with my own money in Ashaiman.

“I wake up in the morning, I sweep the house and its back, take care of Ebony’s sister’s daughter. Sometimes even getting money to feed was challenging.”

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