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Beef Alert! Richie Mensah throws ironic shades at Guru in lengthy reply to him

He doesn't have an issue with Guru; he just wouldn't allow his acts to work with him!

Following the ongoing beef between Guru and Kuami Eugene, CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah has responded to allegations laid against him.

Richie Mensah, the Chief Executive Officer of Lynx Entertainment says the sabotage allegation leveled against him by Guru is untrue, stressing that he does not engage in “petty squabbling”.

His comment is on the back of Guru’s Facebook post, Monday, which was a response to Kuami Eugene’s reason for refusing to do a collaboration with him [Guru].

The Lynx Entertainment signee had in an interview explained that a feature with Guru was impossible because Guru has on several occasions insulted Lynx Entertainment label boss Richie and since he [Kuami Eugene] is under the umbrella of Richie, Guru’s collaboration dream cannot be realized despite being a big fan of the NKZ Music boss.

“You want to feature me but you go to media houses to insult the man who made me… I am under Lynx Entertainment and any song I produce needs to go through them,” Kuami Eugene was quoted to have said on a local TV channel.

Guru in his post did not deny insulting Richie. While cautioning Kuami Eugene who is at his prime to be mindful of his posture because “nothing lasts forever”, Guru noted he only proposed a collaboration with Kuami Eugene because he admires the young musician.

This engendered conversation on various social media pages with people sharing dissenting views.

In the midst of the brouhaha, Richie who had refrained from making posts on social media for months decided to break his silence.

“I normally stay quiet in most situations but this time I only feel it’s right I say something,” he said in his opening remarks. “Guru asked Lynx for a feature with either KiDi or Kuami Eugene, but the request was denied.

He then went from one media house to another insulting myself and other members of Lynx management, even to the extent of accusing us of sabotaging his career for the past 10years.

“He spun stories which implied we have some extreme power in the industry to vitiate someone’s career. As usual, my team and I stuck to our usual demeanour and stayed mute.

When Kuami Eugene was asked in an interview if he would feature Guru, he simply said he couldn’t because Guru had insulted me consistently, and it wouldn’t be right to do a feature with someone who was disrespecting his boss.”

He added: “I personally have no problem with Guru. Never have and never will. I like to conserve my energy towards constant success and development than to waste my time on petty squabbling. Guru is a natural hitmaker, and doesn’t need KiDi nor Kuami Eugene on his song to make a hit. So there really should be no offence taken in any of this.”

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