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How Are You? Yaz Meen, Wanlov the Kubolor sing a love ode for country & childhood memories

Once upon a time, a girl born in Ghana made a love song for her country. That girl is Yaz Meen, and she featured Wanlov the Kubolor. If you love music rich in storytelling, then Yaz Meen’s new song ‘How Are You’ is certainly one for you.

Yaz Meen who is the daughter of legendary producer, Faisal Helwani says ‘’How Are You is a song that tells the story of her profound love for her country as well as highlighting some insecurities. ‘How Are You’ is a love ode to her country even though sometimes she feels like a stranger in it’’.

‘’My father was Lebanese with Egyptian roots, my mum is a mix of Ga and Ewe, German, British, and Portuguese. Today, I see young mixed kids going through similar experiences I have been through and I am here to tell them it’s OK to be unique.

My new song ‘How Are You’ featuring Wanlov the Kubolor explains the meanings of some of these words we use unknowingly’’, Yaz Meen on the inspiration behind the song.

‘How Are You’ is hallmarked with several catchy jargons inspired by Yaz Meen’s past growing up as a mixed-race girl in Ghana. ‘’Blofonyo! How are you? I am fine, thank you! This is the song little kids in Osu would sing as they chased me on the streets of Osu many years ago. Fast forward to today, I hear more shouts of ‘’Obroni!’’ as the Twi language gains wider ground throughout the capital.

As I grew older, I began to understand that many of them meant well, and meant it jovially. Even though many times I felt singled out and alienated, it only made me stronger’’, Yaz Meen explained about her experience growing up.

Stream ‘How Are You’ by Yaz Meen here.

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