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Trigmatic hosts Pappy Kojo, Ayesem, Township, others on; Pipeano EP

underground artistes to express themselves commercially.

Following weeks of much anticipation, Trigmatic finally dropped his new 6-track ‘’Pipeano’’ EP over the weekend to mark his 36th birthday and has revealed the inspiration behind it.

In a series of posts and tweets, he highlighted the inspiration for the new EP – ‘’Pipeano’’ spring from his recent trip to Takoradi. Apparently, ‘’Pipeano’’ is the name of a popular junction in the oil city of Takoradi.

‘’Pipeano’’ reflects themes of love, frustration, resilience and hope amid it’s creditworthy production. 5 of the EP’s 6 songs were produced by Takoradi-based producer, Elorm Beat, with the remaining song credited to Swit.

Trigmatic’s new record also features some of Takoradi’s finest musicians. Fans will hear the likes of Pappy Kojo, Township, Ayma, Ayesem and another solid collaboration with Worlasi atop a song titled, ‘Diplomatic Teef’.

According to the rapper, “PIPEANO was not planned. My friend Richie and I drove pass the PIPEANO signage and immediately I felt like recording…”

Talking to Y 107.9FM’s McCall Mensah on Y Entertainment Podium, he said it was after this that he decided then, to tweet about it and fortunately some recommendations and suggestions started coming in and “Elorm Beats reached out that he was going to work with me on it”.

The rapper stated that he did not want to waste time on the E.P so the plan was to get all songs done in 2 nights. “On the first night, we recorded the first 3 songs and on the second night while recording the others, we decided to feature some upcoming artistes on it and help bring them out in the process”, he disclosed.

“Elorm Beats played me a song by Township and afterwards I decided to have him on it. I loved his spirit, it was really humbling so he came to the studio and he was amazed with how fast I worked,” he added.

The E.P he said has the likes of Pappy Kojo, Ayesem, Township and some other upcoming artistes on it.

When asked why he chose the name PIPEANO for the E.P he mentioned, “PIPEANO because, the studio was situated close to the signage and funny enough, we had just taken pictures close to the signage so we couldn’t think of any better name than that.”

Trig’s next move he said, “We plan to expand and make this a nationwide project where next year we’ll go to Kumasi, get a location and release another E.P and from there go to Cape Coast and also visit a few more places…”

He believes that if he continues with this trend, it can help the underground artistes to express themselves commercially.

The EP is exclusively available on Aftownmusic for streaming here: efie.co/PipeanoEP

Instagram: trigmaticofficial Twitter: @trigmaticrocks Facebook: Trigmatic

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