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Keche & Adina explain why they won’t endorse political parties

They aren't ending their careers soon, hence, will never endorse a political party for money

Finally, results for the 2020 General Elections have been announced and winners declared but Keche and Adina seem to have something against artistes like Samini who were allegedly bought to endorse political parties.

Talented songstress Adina, born Adina Thembi Ndamse has disclosed to Amansan Krakye that no amount will make her openly endorse a political party in the future.

Speaking on the Kastle Drive in Cape Coast, Adina stated that she doesn’t want her political life to be a matter of public scrutiny that’s why she’s kept it private.

“No amount of money will be enough to convince me to endorse a political party. I don’t detest politics but I like to keep my political life very private,” Adina told the host Amansan Krakye.

Adina, who is also an actress and sometimes a model revealed that her passion for music prevents her from being politically biased since such a move won’t be the best for her career.

She added on Kastle FM “As an artiste, I do music for everybody irrespective of your political affiliation. So I don’t think it would be the best to go on that level of openly endorsing a political party now or in the future.”

A lot of people have expressed their opinion following the decision by Ghanaian renowned artiste, Samini to openly endorse President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo through his song “Kpoyaka”.

Keche Andrew born Andrew Kofi Cudjoe also speaking on Kastle Drive with Amansan Krakye said that most musicians who endorse political parties do it either out of hunger or they’re no longer active in the music scene.

“Look at those musicians who openly endorse the political parties, they are not active and relevant in the music industry. Some of them have even stopped doing music so they see it as other means to survive.

Keche Andrew said on Kastle FM that he’s not criticizing those artistes who engage in political endorsement but noted that they are not thinking of doing same since they don’t want to end their career abruptly.

“I understand them so I’m not criticizing them but as for Keche we’re not looking at ending our career anytime soon. It’s not that no political party approached us but we refused the proposals,” he concluded.

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