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Friction sends out message to Shatta Wale

Many people know Friction, the founder and former leader of VIP, as a calm person, minding his own business and focussing on his own career.

But recently Friction spoke up about a topic on his Facebook Live that created a lot of fuss: Shatta Wale. And now Friction came out with another addition to it: a song called ‘Bush Kelele – Warning to Shatta Wale Part 1’.

What made Friction do this?

Friction explains that throughout the years, Shatta Wale has been talking badly about many old school hiplife artists, such as Reggie Rockstone and VIP.

And although it caused some fuss now and then, it seems as if Shatta Wale got away with it very easily.

As Friction himself stated in one of his facebook live video’s: “I have been quiet on this topic for a long time, even by the time Shatta Wale came out with insults towards my own group VIP, but recently I sat down and thought about it, and realised it is time someone steps up and tells Shatta Wale to stop disrespecting old school hiplife artists“.

“They all paved the way for him or contributed to his fame somehow. So instead of insults, he should show respect and appreciation.”

As Shatta Wale did not respond to Friction’s request for apologies, Friction decided to drop ‘Bush Kelele’ to make his point.

And although the song is a catchy afrobeats song with an exuberant video, the message is crystal clear: Shatta Wale, humble yourself and step back with the arrogant attitude.

Friction says: “As a response to my Facebook live videos and the song, many people came out saying I did this out of jealousy or wanting to use Shatta Wale’s fame for my own benefit.

But I can assure you that is not the case. I am simply speaking up on something that has been bothering a lot of people for a long time. And just because someone is famous does not mean you cannot try to correct the person’s wrong actions.”

‘Bush Kelele’ is a feature with Ras Don, a Ghanaian upcoming rap artist based in Holland.

The song and video are available in all digital stores and platforms, so check it out and judge for yourself; does Friction have a point on this topic, and should there be a part 2?

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