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Yung Pabi details reason for not being featured by female acts

Rapper Yung Pabi, has explained why he does not have any song collaborations with any female artistes in the industry yet.

Speaking with Foster Romanus on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, he mentioned that the female artistes at the moment are not available to him.

“When it comes to features, I don’t know about other camps but there are people who protect their features.

They put a lot of guards around themselves so if you want to feature them, you have to go through this person and that person.

Unlike me, when you want to feature me, there’s someone you have to talk to about it and if I listen to the song and I love it, I do it.

I won’t go back and forth with you but for some people, because they want to make lots of money from it, they make you pass through many people and it makes it hard”, he said.

Pabi continued that personally, he records his songs before deciding whom he wants to put on it, hence the availability of the person determines whether the song will be done ASAP or whether he has to keep it and work on other songs till he gets the person that he wants to feature and the female artistes are currently not available to him.

Asked if he has particularly tried to reach out to them, he mentioned that, “I don’t have any song now that I feel should have a female artist on it.

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