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Yaa Yaa marvels fans with delivery on UTV’s ‘’United Showbiz’’

She performed songs off her debut Agoo album available on all stores

Known for her authenticity and unparalleled vocal delivery on live stage performances, Yaa Yaa has once again thrilled audiences on ‘’United Showbiz’’.

Ghanaian singer-songwriter, recording artist and actress Yaa Yaa over the weekend appeared on UTV’s finest talk show ‘’United Showbiz’’ which is hosted by Ghanaian actress and TV presenter, Nana Ama McBrown.

On her interview with Nana Ama McBrown, Yaa Yaa spoke about her music background and how her family is filled with passion for the creative arts.

She said, ‘’My mother is part of a choir in church, my big brother (Kankam) is a musician like myself and the last born is a choreographer who happens to teach ballet.

We all (happen to) play instruments too’’. When also asked about her view on the industry’s support for women, she responded ‘’Yes, people want to support you, but it’s the quality of the support that matters.

People’s motives may be very different, like unprofessional or very wrong, and if you choose not to comply with their conditions; say they want to marry or date you, your chance at success is limited’’.

The highlight of the show was Yaa Yaa’s spectacular performance and energy which wowed guests on the show, leaving a host of positive reviews under UTV Ghana’s Instagram post and hers as well.

The songbird performed a host of original songs off her vast catalogue of hits.

Speaking to the ‘Kae’ hitmaker about her endearing performance and time on ‘’United Showbiz’’, this was what she had to say:

‘’It was an elevating and freeing experience for me. I’m grateful that Nana Ama McBrown gave me her platform and the opportunity to share my gift and music with the world!

I’m so humbled by the feature, and the fact that a lot of people enjoyed what I did makes me really happy. I thank them all’’.

In reference to her time with the show’s host, Yaa Yaa added: “Nana Ama McBrown and I bonded pretty well. We talked about what I’ve been up to lately, ‘’Agoo’’ which is my debut album and one I take a lot of pride in.

I also shared with her and the audience how the COVID-19 situation stifled effective promotion beyond its February release and how that’s no longer a problem.

I proceeded to give out CDs of ‘’Agoo’’ to present guests and Shop Yaa Yaa which is a business I’m running also came up. I was so delighted to give Nana Ama McBrown some samples: a pair of wooden earrings with cowries just so she could get a feel of our awesome line of products.

My time on the show ended great, and I sounded my socials amid urging fans to go check out ‘’Agoo’’ which is currently on all digital streaming platforms worldwide!”

Earlier this year on February 14, Yaa Yaa released her debut album ‘’Agoo’’, a greeting in the Akan dialect which is to signify the star’s official arrival.

The 9-track album boasts of songs like ‘No Gin’, ‘Time Will Heal Us’, ‘Mmusuo’ and ‘E Be Money’ amid other treats to mention a few.

Watch Yaa Yaa’s performance and be sure to stream/download her debut album ‘’Agoo’’ on all digital streaming platforms worldwide here and on Aftown and visit her website for more info.

Yaa Yaa

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