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Mani Mandela, Soorebia turn up parties with; Bartender

Mani Mandela is out with a new party tune, ‘Bartender’ featuring industry newcomer and 2020 3Music Awards “Next Rated Act” winner, Soorebia.

Laid atop a familiar configuration, ‘Bartender’ runs on a remake of Nigerian superstar, Tekno’ hit song ‘Agege’.

Although originally credited to Tanzanian producer, Master Remark, this remake was mixed and mastered by ODB Studios in Ghana.

Again, the Northern decent of Mani Mandela makes its mark on in the form of Bulisa lyrics, which are delivered by the featured Bolgatanga native, Soorebia.

‘Bartender’ reflects the glee of many at pubs every weekend, after a rough and stressful week of hustling.

It’s an episode full of enjoyment, where everyone just wants the booze to keep on coming and the song’s hook captures this with good precision: “Bartender twa me baako/Bartender twa me mieno/Bartender twa me miensa/I dey for Ship Hauz, I want to party oh na-na” (3x).

All in all, Mani Mandela’s new offering is one fitting for the weekend’s night ambience. It’s groovy, full of vibe and is sure to keep bartenders busy for weekends on end.

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