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Stone went overboard; has no idea what I go through at his concerts – Sarkodie

Sarkodie finally speaks! Accepts Stonebwoy's apology & apologizes too.

Sarkodie has finally tackled events that surrounded his historic Black Love virtual concert & the Stonebwoy-Angelo altercation on the day of recording.

In a press release from his outfit, Sarkodie explained that creatives are highly sensitive and emotional beings which most at times lead to paranoia even though it’s not a reason to be violent.

He further stressed on the fact that the media is ever ready to sell traffic-driven content which is mostly negativity concerning entertainers like himself although he doesn’t blame them as that is the way it is globally.

The globally acclaimed African rap King emphasized on how his brand has been working hard to transform the mentality that entertainers are only good for entertainment and nothing else.

he revealed that he has been making efforts to bridge the gap between entertainment and the corporate world which has began to gain some traction.

In addressing the Stonebwoy-Angelo altercation, he said, “For the first time in a long while, my limits was pushed beyond. Everyone has the right to be angry but no one has the right to assault.

What got me upset was the fact that he chose to go physical. There has been several incidents where I felt disrespected by organizers, media personnel and my own colleagues but I always control my reaction due to the bigger picture and that doesn’t make me soft or weak.

That actually is the strongest thing anyone could do. My brother has every right to be mad. He could have chosen to insult Angelo, myself, scream, move his car and go. Trust me, he knows I would have called and apologized.

This time I didn’t take that route because he went overboard. He has no idea what I go through at his concerts just to get on stage. My brother did hit Angelo and I’m here to confirm and condemn the act.

It’s the highest level of disrespect no matter what happened and I’m extremely disappointed knowing how he is with Angelo.

And to my brother I want to say apology has been accepted. I know that genuinely you have love for me I have love for you. Sorry from this side if you felt treated unfairly at the events grounds. I wish you all the best and thank you for coming as well”.

Well spoken Sarkodie!

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