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From honoring an ex-president to doing CSR; Keche blesses lives this week!

They are currently on road to Wassa Agona Amenfi to make donations

Keche has recently been very busy honoring Ex-president Rawlings, securing a new ride and embarking on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by the Joana Gyan foundation.

Crowning the 73rd birthday of Ghana’s most charismatic ex-president Jerry John Rawlings at his residence on Monday was Keche.

The Ghanaian music duo Keche and label GEM Media, presented the former President Jerry John Rawlings with a gold pendant as the CEO of their label, Joana Gyan is a renowned gold dealer in Ghana and across Africa.

Keche Joshua and Keche Andrew sang for him the famous “Happy Birthday” song and also performed their one time hit single, “Aluguntugui”, much to the admiration of “Papa J”.

They were joined by their manager and wife of Keche Joshua, Joana Gyan, who is also the CEO of their record label GEM Media.

Aside all this, Keche Andrew has also recently bagged a new all black Chevy Camaro in addition to the Range Rover Sports, among other whips they own.

They are currently embarking on a CSR by the Joana Gyan foundation to Wassa Agona Amenfi to sensitize people on the COVID-19 pandemic and distribute essential products that will aid them through these times.

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