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Lvin Red’s debut ”Faith Hope and Love” is an album for all times

The album seeks to uplift the hearts of listeners

LVIN RED is set to enliven the music scene with his long-awaited album. One he fittingly calls ”FAITH HOPE and LOVE”.

Setting out to captivate his audiences once more with this solid 9 track collection, Lvin Red delivers a hefty mix of emotive sound pieces, deeply incisive lyricism and immensely enthralling vocals.

Be sure to find copies on all the major digital music outlets for both download and streaming here.

Lvin’s past musical exploits garnered substantial acclaim and respect in the artistic circles. He magnetized an ardent following that had to endure his protracted absence from the music scene.

This emphatic end to his hiatus came with the release of his initial single ‘Battle’. The rapturous reception of ‘BATTLE’ greatly spurred the consecutive releases of three more, ‘JUST DO IT’, ‘ON AND ON’ and ‘YOUR LOVE’.

These served a thrilling glimpse into what the entire collection had to offer and further generated the anticipation and momentum needed for release of this master piece.

The play button presents a zestful introduction, clearly evidencing the mastered craft of audience engagement.

‘All I’m Saying’ is a profound pronouncement of intent that is carefully enveloped in upbeat instrumentation to stir the right emotional potions.

The winning tone is perfectly sustained as the subsequent tracks keep the vibe and the gleam of the collection unsullied.

‘BATTLE’ and ‘CONQUER’ aptly seeks to feed the reminder that furnace red ambition and lion-heartedness which are chief strings in the golden harp of success.

Soul sensation, Quayba joined Lvin to work a dulcet duet in ‘BRIGHTEN UP’. The sheer chemistry created a lustrous amalgam that leaves no room for gloom.

Other notable inclusions are Lvin’s protégé, Kelvin Kay and his long time friend and cohort, NLMGNM. NLMGNM proved with seven productions that his seasoned brilliance always presents the sonic blend that perfectly embeds Lvin’s vocals.

Remarkably, Lvin Red also scores a bullseye with two self-produced tracked that would surely register well with your sense of pleasure.

”Faith, Hope and Love” is adorned with a colourful cover art, a striking piece with nuances that hold subliminal meaning. The warm bright Sun symbolizing unwavering ”Faith”.

Roses expressing ”Love” and their number portraying an abundance of that and the doves signifying ”Hope”. Another notable feature is the naming and listing of the songs.

Arranging the titles in their listed order presents the simple statement, ”All I’m saying is battle, conquer, just do it on and on, brighten up your love on me tonight”, which summarizes the entire message of this album.

This collection holds in store many goodies that are guaranteed to satiate cravings for groundbreaking and refreshing alternative sound.

Be quick to take a deep dive into this collection and make sure to share the experience with all.

Please, find the album on Spotify, Amazon /Google Music and Apple Music. Visit Lvin Red’s social media pages for all updates on his album and all other upcoming projects here.

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