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Strongman’s “beef” in high demand as fans suggest Kweku Smoke, Yaa Pono as consumers

Strongman has respectfully turned down the call to beef.

Following the exchange of words on twitter by rappers Kweku Smoke and Strongman, fans are now calling for a rap battle between Strongman and Yaa Pono.

The pre-conception, lyrical imagination and anticipation alone is something to loathe over when the thought of a rap battle between Strongman and Yaa Pono is being instigated as these two are known to be a mouthful when it comes to creating lyrical punchlines to knockout their opponents.

However, Rapper Strongman has kicked against calls for a rap battle between Yaa Pono and himself.

According to him, he has so much respect for Yaa Pono that he does not think it will be appropriate to face off with him.

Earlier this month, fans of the two rappers took to social media to call for a rap battle between them.

While it is unclear why they would make such a call, both rappers have remained mute on the issue.

Reacting to the calls, Strongman told MzGee via Skype interview on TV3 New Day that it won’t happen.

“Yaa Pono is like a godfather to me…so there wouldn’t be any battle of that sought. I knew Yaa Pono like two years before I even got to meet Sarkodie…,” the ‘Bossu’ rapper revealed, adding “I do respect Yaa Pono any day, anytime”

According to Strongman, he has a very healthy relationship with Yaa Pono and they talk a lot.

“This game, respect is very necessary… so for me I do respect a whole lot of people in this game that is why when someone comes to disrespect me, I feel bad…,” Strongman expatiated.

The rapper added that “I do respect people who came before I came…I will only choose to reply a beef in case some throws a shot at me.”

While he respects people, Strongman stressed that he is “not afraid of any MC [rapper] in Ghana.”

It is in this regards, that he ensued in a bantam with Kweku Smoke on twitter when the latter expressed himself in a tweet to Sarkodie.

In the tweet, he hailed Sarkodie for refusing to be distracted by comments aimed at unsettling him.

He mentioned that despite the incessant attempts by a section of the public to make Sarkodie look bad in the eyes of many, the BET Award winner who is affectionately referred to as ‘Highest’ has been focused and keeps supporting talents in diverse ways.

According to Kweku Smoke, if  Sarkodie  paid attention to such comments, he would not have promoted any song by Strongman who used to be on his [Sarkodie] label.

“I know the feeling highest but am happy you be one focused person you do what you want do for others regardless if Enoe be so like strongman e song sef unoe go tweet again..U follow Gh people aa somebody Dey die sef u go lef am make e die..we the young ones Dey appreciate u,” his Sunday tweet in pidgin read.

A furious Strongman replying the tweet said: “Fake people always trying to prove their loyalty outside. What you heard might even be the opposite of what happened Let this be the last time you drag my name in your useless arguments.”

The response has left Twitter buzzing with a section of the tweeps suggesting Strongman’s remark shows how bitter he is while others say Kweku Smoke’s tweet was ambiguous hence, Strongman should not be faulted. Some are also calling for a lyrical war between the two yougnsters.

In 2017, Sarkodie signed Strongman onto SarkCess Music label. The youngster released hits including ‘Monster’, ‘Transformer’ and ‘Baby Girl’.

Under SarkCess Music, Strongman also won the New Lord award at the 2017 4Styte Music Video Awards and the Best Rapper award at the maiden edition of the Ghana Music Awards SA (South Africa).

In 2019, however, Strongman exited after his two-year contract expired. The development triggered questions with some suggesting Sarkodie succumbed to pressure and criticisms of hindering Strongman’s progress.

“Nobody can block your shine, Sarkodie  didn’t sign me to block my shine. Because Ghanaians know Sarkodie is a big brand and he signed me, many people thought things would happen soo quickly. I think we didn’t get to meet the fans expectation,” Strongman said that year.

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