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Grace Ashy supports Stonebwoy's claim of secular acts not being devilish

She argues that the choice to do secular music should not be greeted with animosity.

Gospel musician Grace Ashly has indicated that her relationship with secular musicians remains cordial because she disagrees with suggestions that persons whose songs do not preach the gospel are from and of the devil.

She argues that the choice to do secular music should not be greeted with animosity as choices are made based on one’s strength and willingness.

“We are working under one umbrella just that our ways differ a little. Depending on where one feels comfortable in his or her career, he or she can either choose to do gospel or secular music,” she said on Adom FM’s Work and Happiness.

“Apart from that, I see no difference between artists doing the two genres so when we meet each other, we act warmly towards each other because we are one people.

I always want people to understand that these two genres are the same and the secular acts are not of the devil after all that is their work.

Someone may not be successful when he or she does gospel music but will be successful when they do secular music. So we are of good terms with these secular acts. They sing our songs and we sing theirs too,” she added.

Some three years ago, musician Nii Soul was reported to have said he decided for the change to gospel because “Anything that does not glorify God or makes your brother or sister love the things of the devil isn’t of God, thus evil.”

“So it’s even bigger than music. It’s about the things we do as human beings. Being a secular artiste, all we cared about was money and fame. And this selfish behaviour is something I would never want to go back to’,”.

Last year, Stonebwoy described the ‘devil’ tag on secular musicians as unfortunate. He argued that some secular songs have positive messages than some gospel songs.

He said: “Nobody complains when gospel music is played in the pub or at the bar but when secular music that is popular among the people is played in the church, people go haywire.”

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