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Can you name one musician in Ghana who owns a Lamborghini? – Epixode

Epixode revealed that the state of the economy is hard and has its effects on the music industry.

Widely acknowledged as an energetic performer, Dancehall act, Epixode, has bitterly stated that living conditions are not well with Ghanaian musicians and as a matter of fact, majority of them are suffering.

Epixode told Ghanaian Journalist/Blogger Attractive Mustapha in a video interview that the state of the economy is hard and has its effects on the music industry.

He admitted that times are hard and musicians struggle to make ends meet but because the name of the game is Showbiz, some find it very difficult to admit it.

He blamed the suffering on the bad systems and structures and the fact that no Ghanaian musician legitimately receives royalties.

“The systems are not in place so musicians are suffering. All the glamours and hype you see are all for showbiz purposes “, Epixode said.

He added that “It’s just because we are into showbiz so you portray some kind of picture and you need to maintain it but behind closed doors, we all know that we are suffering”.

He retorted, “no Ghanaian musician can purchase or own a Lamborghini but they claim they are doing well”.

Watch the video below

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